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BiXop, or Bi(sh)op pronounced with the portugues X which gives it the (sh) sound, is a hip hop artist from New Jersey. One half of Negros Americanos, BiXop travelled to Panama in 2011 to form the group with mc enigma and it was there that he learned how to speak Spanish. Starting with spanish blends in his music he graduated to making several complete songs in spanish, however in 2014 he was introduced to the world of Brazilian hip hop. Seeing the harsh reality that still existed in the lyrics of Brazilian rap he identified with the style and taught himself how to speak Portuguese fluently by translating some of the most iconic and underground rap records from that country Now he is in Brasil with the objective of unifying black people of the diaspora and poor peoples through hip hop music. He is working on his first album in Portuguese and English as well Não é um paraíso (It's not a Paradise), This album shows the reality of poverty and discrimination against black people in the United States, which is something that many foreigners don't think about when they think about coming to the Great U.S. of A. BiXop is one of the only rappers of North American background that is fluent enough in other languages to make complete records without much accent. His method is one that he wants to share with other poor people of color in the world, you don't have to have money to learn a language and see the world, music can teach you everything you need to know and take you everywhere you need to go without ever having to leave your home.

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